Thursday, October 15, 2009

An t-Athrú Aeráide

Seo thuas scéim nua i mBleá Cliath a chabhróidh le cur i gcoinne athrú aeráide - rothair ar cíos i lár na cathrach.

Seo thíos cúpla nasc a chabhróidh le tuiscint ar iarmhairtí athrú aeráide agus conus cur ina choinne.

Iarmhairtí an Athrú Aeráide

Bealaí chun cuidiú le h-athrú aeráide a sheachaint.

Cuirigí chuige.

Tugaigí faoi.

Glac páirt in Blog Action Day.

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Póló said...

Uasdátú ar scéim na rothar:

Dublinbikes: 23,000 subscribers

Almost 23,000 subscribers have joined Dublin City Council’s dublinbikes rental scheme, and more than 200,000 trips have been taken on the bikes since their introduction last September.

The scheme, which provides 450 bicycles for rent at 40 stations between Dublin’s Royal and Grand canals, has had the highest take-up of any city bike scheme to date in Europe, city manager John Tierney said.

“The bike scheme has surpassed all expectations in terms of subscribers and popularity,” he said.

The most recent figures, compiled by the council on December 9th last, show 22,762 subscribers have signed up to use the bikes. The majority, 15,928, are long-term users who pay a €10 annual subscription fee, while 6,834 have bought three-day tickets at a cost of €2.

The council is finalising plans to expand the scheme with JC Decaux – the outdoor advertising company which won the contract to provide the scheme in return for advertising space in the city.